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security requirements


Most cycle insurance claims are for theft, either from the owner's home or while the cycle was left unattended.

CycleSure insurance cover is therefore provided subject to security requirements. Click on the link below for details.

Security Requirements

An 'Approved Lock' is one which appears on the website of a division of the Master Locksmiths Association under the brand ‘Sold Secure’, see

The locks are graded according to their strength, reliability and sophistication into three categories:

  • Bronze rated locks are only suitable for cycles up to £250 replacement value
  • Silver rated locks are only suitable for cycles up to £1500 replacement value
  • Gold rated locks are only suitable for cycles over £1500 replacement value.

The locks shown on the ‘Sold Secure’ website are the only locks which we consider to be ‘Approved’ for the purpose of the Fetch policy, up to the specific values stated above.

In the event of a claim you will need to provide us with evidence that you owned and were using an Approved Lock at the time the cycle was stolen. If you are not currently using an Approved Lock you must replace it with one that is approved or face the possibility of having a claim disallowed.

Your existing lock may be on the Approved Lock List, please click on the icon below to check with Sold Secure.

Security Kits

CycleSure have teamed up with Retainagroup, market leaders in security marking and registration systems to provide you with their system for cycles.

The contents of a cycle pack:

  • Six ultra-destruct security labels, laser cut with a unique code and 24/7 freephone number of the ISR.
  • Ultraviolet fluid and applicator.
  • An ultra-destruct warning label to deter thieves.
  • Information leaflet and instructions.
  • ISR contact card.
Both overt and covert marking are provided as a deterrent to theft and to facilitate the identification and recovery of your cycle, should it be lost or stolen. Even if the security labels are removed by a determined thief, the unique code and 24/7 freephone number of the International Security Register will remain visible under UV light.